10 Benefits of Google Ads to Help Your Business Succeed

Why You Should Be Using Google Ads

1. Promotion on the Google Search Network & Partner Sites

Ads based on keywords, showing up in the Google Search Results

2. Google Display Advertising

Includes ads on other websites, YouTube, Gmail and mobile apps

3. Direct & Scheduled Online Promotion

Ad schedules and frequency capping for individual users

4. Geo-Targeted (Globally/Locally)

Broad and easily controlled reach

5. Detailed Reporting

Thorough conversion tracking and analysis as well as informative insights into your customer journey (what the user clicked on and when, at which moment the conversion happened)

6. Granular Adjustment Features

Device, language and placement-specific targeting, demographic adjustments, various ad formats

7. ROI-Driven Marketing

Driving targeted customers, who actively search for your products/services, to your website

8. Possibility of direct and instantaneous contact 

through Call only ads or Call extensions

9. Precision & Full Ad Spend Control

Reaching the right audience at the right place and time within your given budget

10. More competitive & less costly

than offline marketing

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