Performance-based advertisement

We know that performance is key, which is why like to go above and beyond in achieving our clients’ goals on a larger scale.

Our performance-based orientation is also the reason we cover a broader scope of services, with a highly detailed, polished approach that will ensure precision in delivering the right message across the right audience.

Our aim is to help you grow and thrive.

Since there is no better online marketing platform than Google to do so, we specialized in PPC Advertising, specifically Google Ads, to connect our clients with their audiences globally.

We’ve gathered our experience in managing accounts that have both national and highly localized campaign requirements — meaning we’re not afraid to accept challenges.

In the world of digital advertisement, we know how important it is to keep up to date with new features and programmatic software which help marketing agencies improve their performance and automate processes.

Adjusting our business scope to new forms of media is just as important, which is why we constantly innovate our tools and procedures and keep our brains fresh and alert for upcoming changes.

All of these components enter into our Account Management work in ways and at times we see fit for our client’s business. 

Continuous Google Ads Account Management & Optimization includes the following:

– Adding new relevant Keywords / Audiences / Topics to the scope

– Split Testing Ad Copies

– Combing through the Search Terms in order to root out Negative Keywords / Placements

– Broadening your Reach with new Types of Campaigns

– Remarketing Campaigns (RLSA, Standard Display, Dynamic)

– Mobile-focused & UAC Campaigns

– Detailed monthly to bi-monthly reporting

With our granular targeting methods, it’s easy to determine a highly customized scaling plan which will help us grow your business further by adding new (types of) campaigns and giving you SEO feedback on your organic content.

Our Account Management services include extensive PPC and SEO consulting and in-depth reporting in order to leverage your marketing potential to the fullest.