Fully customized Google Ads campaigns

Before initiating our campaign setup, we’ll thoroughly discuss your business needs and goals and present you with a layout of our PPC advertising & growth strategy for any of the Google Networks:

1) Google Search Network

2) Google Shopping

3) Google Display Network*

*The Display Network includes ads on other Websites / YouTube / Gmail / Mobile Apps

We’ll first conduct a thorough Competition and Market Research and exhaust all pertinent targeting options, such as Keywords, Topics and Audiences.

If you decide to go with our Paid Search Marketing services, we will tailor engaging and highly customized ad copies in German, English, French and/or Croatian. You can be sure we will create our copies in accord with Google’s Best Practices to keep the cost-per-click as low as possible and make optimal use of your budget.

Should you decide for Display & Video, our task will be to create the campaigns / ad groups and adjust their targeting to your ideal audience.

The next step consists of strategizing and structuring your new Google Ads account. Based on your Ad Spend budget and marketing needs, we’ll distribute your campaigns’ reach across the given Networks.

Once you give us the green light, we’ll proceed with finalizing and launching your Google Ads campaigns.