The best place to hide a corpse is page 2 of Google search results

In the competitive, ever-changing world of online marketing & media, visibility plays a crucial role, especially considering the fact that thousands of websites are being created on a daily basis and thereby diminishing your chances to be seen by your future audiences.

That’s where the importance of Search Engine Optimization comes into the game – it’s the fastest and surest method to drive traffic to your online business.

As professional marketers and linguists, we know how to provide you with compelling, keyword-dense website copy that will boost your visibility and rank on the Google SERPs.

We aim to determine the best possible organic and paid strategy for your business — one that will draw in more visitors, lower your click prices and increase your conversions incrementally.

Whether you need to restructure and optimize your current content and campaigns or create something from the ground up, we’ve got your back.

Our SEO services include:

– Google My Business profile creation / optimization

On-page optimization for local keywords

Creation or consulting of local content: landing pages, blog posts, news, etc.

Metadata optimization

Onsite analysis of keywords that are driving you traffic

Analysis of competitor PPC bids

Service level recommendations for UX optimization

Competitor keyword research